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Gader Asgari
Gader Asgari
21 May 2023
The Lead Company has been an invaluable partner in our web design business. Their lead generation and telemarketing services have consistently provided us with highly qualified leads. The BANT approach they employ helps us identify prospects who have the Budget, Authority, Need, and Time to invest in our web design services. The Lead Company's dedicated team of UK and Canadian-based agents ensures exceptional service and clear communication. Choosing The Lead Company was one of the best decisions we made for our business.
Jörg Fleischer
Jörg Fleischer
21 May 2023
The Lead Company has been instrumental in our business growth. Their lead generation expertise, combined with their telemarketing skills, has allowed us to reach our target audience effectively. Their BANT methodology ensures that the leads provided are genuinely interested and possess the Budget, Authority, Need, and Time to make informed decisions. We appreciate their hands-on approach and personalised service, which sets them apart from other lead generation companies. Thank you, The Lead Company!
Anke Kunze
Anke Kunze
21 May 2023
The Lead Company has been a game-changer for our software business. Their lead generation and telemarketing services have consistently delivered exceptional results. The BANT approach they employ ensures that we receive highly qualified leads with the Budget, Authority, Need, and Time to invest in our software solutions. The Lead Company's personalized service and dedicated agents make us feel like a priority. Their expertise in lead generation is unmatched, making them the best choice for any software company seeking growth.
Melanie Kortig
Melanie Kortig
21 May 2023
The Lead Company has revolutionised our SaaS business. Their lead generation and telemarketing campaigns have generated a steady stream of qualified leads for our software solutions. With their BANT methodology, they ensure that the leads we receive have the Budget, Authority, Need, and Time to make informed purchasing decisions. The Lead Company's in-house agents provide a personal touch, and their professionalism is unmatched. We highly recommend The Lead Company for anyone looking to boost their SaaS business.
DJ Ram Pam
DJ Ram Pam
3 April 2023
Great lead gen company, the quality of the leads are so much better than other companies I have used. You get a real detailed description of the conversation too! Thanks for your help guys. Will be using your service for a long time.
Swarna Gnanam
Swarna Gnanam
21 February 2023
Very happy with the telemarketing process and I was looking for someone to offer this type of service in the UK. The leads are very qualified and the first touch of marketing not being digital has been a huge bonus for my business. Especially after Covid, I would much rather use telemarketing as an outbound campaign. The price point is also very reasonable for the level of guarantees given. Looking forward to next month.
James Glover
James Glover
10 February 2023
5 new clients this month! My conversions have been through the roof after using their telemarketing services for my lead gen. Only thing I wish they did was add closing services as well, hopefully at some point in the future.
Diego Kresta
Diego Kresta
2 February 2023
Customer service was 1 to 1 with the CEO. I got a response immediately throughout my campaign.
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With inventive research and sales teams in the UK and Canada

We help businesses cut down on their sales budget and our all-inclusive B2B telemarketing solution allows our clients to exponentially increase sales through highly qualified appointment setting and lead generation.

Businesses either rinse their budget and time on lead generation or they struggle to get clients or they simply want more leads. That’s why you’re here. What if there was a wallet-friendly, time-saving solution? Our team discovered just that. So we wanted to make business growth accessible to every small British business.

For Lead Generation in the UK, our idea is simple. We minimise your cost and time in order to maximise your sales and revenue.
P.S. Think about what your sales team does best? Sell. So why not let them do just that?

    Meet Our Management

Another cartoon Female head shot of staff
Director of Telemarketing

Harneet Kaur

Birmingham, UK

Ganeshkumar Gnanapandithan Founder

Ganeshkumar Gnanapandithan

London, UK

Bilal Belouadi employee
Chief BDO

Bilal Belouadi

Tangier, Morocco

Farrah Ullah head shot of staff
Digital Marketing

Farrah Ullah

London, UK

Daniel Burko head shot of staff

Daniel Burko

Iowa, USA

Alamdar Ali head shot of staff
Director of Research

Alamdar Ali

Lahore, Pakistan

Male cartoon head shot of staff
Data Analyst

Yousaf Raza

Lahore, Pakistan

female head shot of staff

Ghizlane Boussaid

Tangier, Morocco

female head shot of staff

Sara Kaidi

Tangier, Morocco

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You save 53 days

On average, it takes 60 days to potentially see appointments with an alternative marketing strategy. With our telemarketing, you’re guaranteed results in only 7 days!


Setup fees can cost between £500 to £1500 when starting a telemarketing campaign. However, with The Lead Company, we take on all the setup charges.

Did you know…

Nearly two-thirds of sales and marketing leaders say lack of confidence in their data and a lack of resources – staff, time, money is what gets in their way of successfully generating leads (Chief Marketing Officer Council, 2022).

While AI has made significant advances in natural language processing and voice recognition, there are several reasons why telemarketing would not be completely replaced by AI in the near future:

Human Touch

Many people prefer to interact with a human salesperson rather than a machine. A human touch can create a personal connection and build trust with the customer. This can be especially important for complex or high-value purchases.


Telemarketers can adapt to changes in the conversation, respond to customer objections and provide personalised solutions. They can also use their intuition and empathy to identify the customer’s needs and provide appropriate recommendations.

Emotional Intelligence

Successful telemarketers possess emotional intelligence, which enables them to read customers’ emotions and respond appropriately. Emotional intelligence is currently difficult for AI to replicate.

Regulatory Compliance

Telemarketing is subject to various regulations, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the United States. Compliance with these regulations requires human judgement and expertise, which AI may not be able to provide.

Call center people working

You save 41%

On average, it costs a company upwards of $3500 to implement an alternative marketing strategy. With our telemarketing, it costs only 59% of that.

10+ years

Our in-house research team and outbound sales agents each have 10+ years of experience in their field and they’ve completed over 1000 projects.

Unlike other telemarketing companies in the UK, our agents are all in-house and UK based.
Using in-house British telemarketing agents can provide several advantages for a British telemarketing company. Our lead generation company is truly UK based.

  • Having native speakers on the phone can create a better connection with potential customers, as they can better understand local dialects and cultural nuances. 
  • In-house agents can have better product and company knowledge, resulting in higher-quality interactions, thus higher quality appointments allowing better sales outcomes for our clients. 
  • Outsourcing to cheaper countries may result in much lower costs, but the language barriers and cultural differences can negatively impact customer satisfaction, sales and overall quality of the telemarketing service. 
  • By keeping the jobs in the UK, we can contribute to the local economy and maintain a positive image within our community.
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If you are interested in working at The Lead Company and you have a research or outbound sales background. please send a cover letter and CV to [email protected].

We are only accepting applicants with authorisation to work in the United Kingdom.

Pick up the phone and start dialing.