Will AI replace us?

AI is changing the way of the world and especially in the marketing industry.

While AI has made significant advances in natural language processing and voice recognition, there are several reasons why telemarketing would not be completely replaced by AI in the near future:

▪ Human touch: Many people prefer to interact with a human salesperson rather than a machine. A human touch can create a personal connection and build trust with the customer. This can be especially important for complex or high-value purchases.

▪ Flexibility: Telemarketers can adapt to changes in the conversation, respond to customer objections and provide personalised solutions. They can also use their intuition and empathy to identify the customer’s needs and provide appropriate recommendations.

▪ Emotional intelligence: Successful telemarketers possess emotional intelligence, which enables them to read customers’ emotions and respond appropriately. Emotional intelligence is currently difficult for AI to replicate.

▪ Regulatory compliance: Telemarketing is subject to various regulations, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the United States. Compliance with these regulations requires human judgement and expertise, which AI may not be able to provide.

While AI can assist with certain aspects of telemarketing, such as identifying potential customers and automating routine tasks, it is unlikely to completely replace the human element of telemarketing in the foreseeable future.

In-house SDR’s vs Outsourced SDR’s

We are a British telemarketing company serving British businesses. Unlike other B2B telemarketing companies in the UK, our agents are all in-house and UK based.

Using in-house British telemarketing agents can provide several advantages for a telemarketing company.

▪ Having native speakers on the phone can create a better connection with potential customers, as they can better understand local dialects and cultural nuances. This is extremely important when

▪ In-house agents can have better product and company knowledge, resulting in higher-quality interactions, thus higher quality appointments allowing better sales outcomes for our clients.

▪ Outsourcing to cheaper countries may result in much lower costs, but the language barriers and cultural differences can negatively impact customer satisfaction, sales and overall quality of the telemarketing service.

▪ By keeping the jobs in the UK, we can contribute to the local economy and maintain a positive image within our community.

Outsourcing outbound telemarketing can definitely be cheaper for a company and eliminate the hassle of managing agents, but quality is the most important aspect of lead generation. With telemarketing quality leads can only be achieved through empathy and understanding on every cold call.

Frequently Asked Questions

You save 53 days

On average, it takes 60 days to potentially see appointments with an alternative marketing strategy. With our telemarketing, you’re guaranteed results in only 7 days!


Setup fees can cost between £500 to £1500 when starting a telemarketing campaign. However, with The Lead Company, we take on all the setup charges.

You save 41%

On average, it costs a company upwards of $3500 to implement an alternative marketing strategy. With our telemarketing, it costs only 59% of that.

10+ years

Our in-house research team and outbound sales agents each have 10+ years of experience in their field and they’ve completed over 1000 projects.